Affiliate Registration Form

Customize your Affiliate Registration Form
Last updated on August 29, 2023

Customize your Affiliate Registration Form

Solid Affiliate comes with a default affiliate registratin form, but we know that our customers want to customize that form to fit their needs.

Quick Guide – Video Tutorial


In Settings > Customize Registration Form you will find a form builder that allows you to drag, drop, and configure fields to be included on your affiliate registration form.

If you use caching on your site, you may have to clear the cache through your caching plugin or hosting provider before the changes to your affiliate registration form are reflected.

How it Works

Required Fields

There are four required fields that Solid Affiliate always expects to exist on the affiliate registration form. These fields are UsernameAccount EmailPassword, and Accept Policy. Due to how Solid Affiliate uses native WordPress user management, these fields need to be on the form. These fields are marked by * Required and a 🔒. You will not be able to edit or remove these fields, but you can reorder them on the form.

Pre-Built Fields

There are also “pre-built” Solid Affiliate fields such as First NameLast NamePayment Email, and Registration Notes. These fields exist natively on your Affiliates and are not “custom”, but you can configure them. The only propertis you cannot change on them are their name and type. These fields are marked by  and appear as field inputs in the form builder. You cannot duplicate these fields, but you can remove them.

Text Fields

Each field type you can drag into your form is a specific form field type. However, Text Fields allow for subtypes. These subtypes are text, email, password, and URL, and can be configured by editing the field once it has been dropped into the form.