Affiliate creatives and banner images
Last updated on July 20, 2021

Add a New Creative

First, go to Solid Affiliate > Creatives. To add a new Creative, click on the + Add New button.

In the Add New Creative page, fill in the following fields:

  • Status — Active or Inactive. Select the Active status to make the creative available to your affiliates immediately, and the Inactive status to disable the creative for now.
  • Name — the name of the creative.
  • Description — A short description of the creative
  • URL — the Landing Page tied to the creative. You can use a URL of your site or your product landing page. If you use multiple creatives, you can select different links (different landing pages) for each of them.
  • Creative Text — The text to be used when generating the creative. If you want a text-only creative (a link to the URL above), do not upload a creative image below.
  • Creative Image URL — The image to be used when generating this image banner creative.

Don’t forget to click the Add New Creative to apply changes.

Edit an Existing Creative

First, go to Solid Affiliate > Creatives. Select the creative in the list, hover over the creative, and click on Edit this item.

Manage Creatives

To manage Creatives, go to Solid Affiliates > Creatives. Here, you can check the basic information on every link and filter them by status. You can also preview the Creative, tracking link, and the shortcode for every Creative.

Use the Screen options menu located on the top right corner of your WordPress admin page to control which Creative columns are displayed.

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