Create and manage referrals
Last updated on July 20, 2023

Add a New Referral

First, go to Solid Affiliate > Referrals. To add a new Referral, click on the Add New button.

In the Add New Referral page, fill in the following fields:

  • Affiliate ID — Select the ID number of the Affiliate who earned the referral.
  • Order Amount — Select the original Order Amount associated with the referral.
  • Commission Amount — Select the commission amount earned by the Affiliate for this referral.
  • Referral Source — Visit or Coupon. Select to determine where the referral originated.
  • Visit ID — Enter the ID of the visit of the referral, if applicable.
  • Coupon ID — Enter the ID of the coupon of the referral, if applicable.
  • Customer ID — Enter the ID of the customer associated with the referral.
  • Referral type — Purchase or Subscription renewal.
  • Description — Purchase or Subscription renewal.
  • Order source — Enter where the order for this referral originated. Currently WooCommerce is supported.
  • Order ID — Enter the ID of the order associated with the referral. Currently only WooCommerce orders are supported.
  • Created at — Select date of the referral.
  • Payout ID — The ID of the Payout associated with this Referral, if one exists.
  • Status  — Paid, Unpaid or Rejected. Select current status of the referral.

Edit an Existing Referral

First, go to Solid Affiliate > Referrals. Select the referrals in the list, hover over the referral, and click on Edit.

Manage referrals

To manage Referrals, go to Solid Affiliates > Referrals. Here, you can check the basic information on every referral and filter them using an Affiliate ID.

Use the Screen options menu located on the top right corner of your WordPress admin page to control which Referrals columns are displayed.

Approve/Reject referrals

After being recorded, the status of the referral order will be set as Pending. Merchant will then decide if the referral is valid or not. Here, there are two options for the merchant to choose from, based on the real situation of the order:

  • Rejected — the commission will be rejected and not be sent.
  • Approved — the commission for the order is validated for the affiliate, and ready to be sent.

Commission Amount Details

To learn how the commission was calculated for a specific referral, click on icon next to the commission amount.

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