WooCommerce Subscriptions

Integrate with Solid Affiliate with WooCommerce Subscriptions
Last updated on September 4, 2022

Installation and Overview

The first thing to note is that the WooCommerce Subscriptions integration is built right into Solid Affiliate. 
You won’t need to purchase or install any additional add-ons to get it working. The plugin will detect WooCommerce Subscriptions and start working automatically, generating referrals for any renewals of subscriptions which were referred by an affiliate.

Any referrals which came through WooCommerce Subscriptions will have a link to the corresponding order and a WooCommerce Subscriptions label in the Order ID column.


There is only one WooCommerce Subscriptions specific configuration, the Recurring Referrals – Default Commission Rate. You can configure this by going to Solid Affiliate -> Commission Rates -> Default Commission Rates. This will set the commission rate for the renewals of any subscriptions.

Important note on how subscription commission rates are calculated.

The initial purchase of the subscription used the regular commission rate settings, just like any other product. Only the renewals use the Recurring Referrals rate. An example commission structure would be 25% of the initial subscription payment, and then 10% of any renewals going forward. It would be trivial to set a commission structure such as that within Solid Affiliate.

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