Integrate with Solid Affiliate with WooCommerce
Last updated on July 20, 2021

Installation and Overview

The first thing to note is that the WooCommerce integration is built right into Solid Affiliate. You won’t need to purchase or install any additional add-ons to get it working. The plugin will detect WooCommerce and start working automatically, generating referrals for any purchases which were referred over via an affiliate link.

Any referrals which came through WooCommerce will have a link to the corresponding order and a WooCommerce label in the Order ID column. Solid Affiliate will also add order notes within the WooCommerce integration, keeping track of relevant events.


You can and should configure the WooCommerce Integration. All relevant settings can be found in the dedicated page Solid Affiliate -> Commission Rates. Use the Commission Rates page to set exactly how commissions will be calculated for referred WooCommerce orders.

Coupon Tracking

Solid Affiliate comes with native support for WooCommerce coupons. You can link any coupon to an affiliate, granting that affiliate referrals and incentivizing them to share the coupon with as many potential customers as possible.

To link a coupon to an affiliate, you simply go to WooCommerce -> Marketing -> Coupons, select the coupon you want to link and then find the Solid Affiliate tab under Coupon data. In this tab, you can select and Affiliate to link to the coupon.

To see all your active affiliate coupons in one place, navigate to Solid Affiliate -> Commission Rates -> Affiliate Coupons.

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