Getting started

Learn how to set up an affiliate program on Your WordPress site with Solid Affiliate

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Learn how to install Solid Affiliate on your WordPress site.

Configure your own affiliate program

Manually updating Solid Affiliate on your website.

Using Solid Affiliate

Built-in tools and features help you efficiently manage your affiliate program

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An overview of Solid Affiliate.

Monitor your affiliate program performance

Create and manage affiliates

Create and manage referrals

Track and manage your referrals visits

Affiliate creatives and banner images

View and manage referral payouts

Track and monitor your affiliate program performance

Pay your affiliates their earnings

Set up and track commissions rates

Solid Affiliate's general settings

Customize your Affiliate Registration Form

Overview of the Affiliate Portal

Custom Affiliate Slugs

Personalized Custom Slugs for Affiliate Links

Product-Affiliate Commissions and Auto-Referrals

Add tags to affiliates for easier management and targeting.


Available integrations with Solid Affiliate plugin

Integrate with Solid Affiliate with WooCommerce

Integrate with Solid Affiliate with WooCommerce Subscriptions

Integrate Solid Affiliate with PayPal Payouts

Integrate Solid Affiliate with Mailchimp

Developer Hooks Reference

Addons New

Collection of Solid Affiliate addon-ons.

Automatically create an affiliate account for all new users who register a user account.

Exclude customer selected payment gateway from generating referrals.

Auto-create coupons for your affiliates

Export your Solid Affiliate Data

Assign Affiliates their own Landing Pages

Pay your affiliates in store credit.


Frequently asked questions by community and other miscellaneous settings

Managing miscellaneous settings

Solid Affiliate shortcodes

Manage email notifications

Translate Solid Affiliate into your language

Solid Affiliate Statuses

Solid Affiliate - Lifetime Comissions

Instructions on how to add a manual referral.

Solid Affiliate - Helpful videos


Fix common problems Solid Affiliate have encountered

Learn how to troubleshoot Solid Affiliate plugin

Learn how to set up any WordPress caching plugin for Solid Affiliate.

How to make sure everything is working on your site.

Learn how to troubleshoot notification emails within Solid Affiliate.

Learn Solid Affiliate works with WordPress Multisite