Track and manage your referrals visits
Last updated on July 24, 2023

Manage visits

Solid Affiliate uses cookies to track affiliates and visits so referrals can be generated. To preview any visit entry, go to Solid Affiliates > Visits. Here, you can view detailed information about each visit.

Use the Screen options menu located on the top right corner of your WordPress admin page to control which Creative columns are displayed.

How does Solid Affiliate track visits?

Solid Affiliate tracks unique visits. When an affiliate’s link is first used to reach your website where Solid Affiliate is installed, a cookie will be created in the visitor’s browser. As long as the cookie remains in that browser and is active (that is based on your Cookie Expiration setting in Solid Affiliate > Settings > General), the affiliate will receive credit for any purchases made. Clicking on a new affiliate link will reset the cookie and keep track of the new visit.

Any purchases or subscriptions made from that browser, while the cookie is active, will result in a referral created for the affiliate.

One other setting that can affect when a visit is created is Credit Last Affiliate, also in Solid Affiliate > Settings > General. This will create visits for unique, distinct affiliate links. So if affiliate 1’s link is used, then the same visitor clicks on affiliate 2’s link, another visit will be created for affiliate 2. Basically the last affiliate link used wins. You can read more at Attribution – Which affiliate gets the credit?

For configuration regarding cookie expiration days and credit last affiliate, please visit the General settings article.

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