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Last updated on August 23, 2021

Enabling affiliate registration

Solid Affiliate ships with a useful affiliate registration form, so you can start recruiting affiliates as soon as you’re ready to launch. This registration form is not enabled by default, so you can plan and set up your affiliate program before you start allowing affiliate registrations.

To learn more about affiliate registration, please visit the Affiliate portal configuration.

Add a New Affiliate

To manually add a new affiliate from your WordPress admin, go to Solid Affiliate > Affiliates, and click on the Add New button.

In the Add New Affiliate page, fill in the following fields:

  • User ID — The ID of the WordPress User associated with this Affiliate. This cannot be changed once created.
  • Commission Rate — The rate to use when calculating referral amounts. When Referral Rate Type is set to ‘Percentage (%)’ this number is interpreted as a percentage. When Referral Rate Type is set to ‘Flat’ this number is interpreted as a float amount of whichever currency you are using.
  • Commission Type — Used in conjunction with the Referral Rate to calculate the default referral amounts. You can edit the site default in Settings > General.
  • Payment Email — Enter the email that will be used for Affiliate’s payments.
  • Registration Notes  — Affiliate submitted these notes upon registration.
  • Status — Approved or Rejected. Select The status of the Affiliate’s account. Only Approved Affiliates can earn Referrals.

Don’t forget to click the Add New Affiliate to apply changes.

Register an existing WordPress User as an Affiliate

Affiliate accounts can also be registered when manually editing WordPress user accounts on your site under Users. Search for the user, click Edit to see their profile, and then click “Register as an Affiliate” under the Solid Affiliate section.

Edit an Affiliate

First, go to Solid Affiliate > Affiliate. Select the affiliate in the list, hover over the affiliate name, and click on Edit Affiliate.

Manage Affiliates

To manage Affiliates, go to Solid Affiliates > Affiliates. Here, you can check the basic information on every link and filter them by status.

Use the Screen options menu located on the top right corner of your WordPress admin page to control which affiliate columns are displayed.

Approve/Reject affiliates

After being registered, the status of the Affiliate will be set as Pending. Merchant will then decide to approve the Affiliate’s registration. Here, there are the 3 options for the merchant to choose from, based on the real situation of the affiliate registration:

  • Approved — The affiliate’s registration is approved, and the affiliate will be granted access to the affiliate portal.
  • Rejected — The affiliate registration is rejected. Merchant can change the status of the affiliate registration later.
  • Delete — The affiliate registration will be deleted.

Affiliate Roles

All WordPress users who register to be an Affiliate will be assigned an affiliate role. This is a standard practice that ensures compatibility and integration with WordPress and many popular plugins such as Elementor, User Role Editor, and Restrict Content Pro which all respect the WordPress User roles functionality.

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