Pay Affiliates

Pay your affiliates their earnings
Last updated on March 19, 2022

Solid Affiliate makes it easy to pay your Affiliates. You get to this tool by clicking Solid Affiliate -> Pay Affiliates within your WordPress admin.

We recommend watching the following video for an overview of how the Pay Affiliates tool works.


How to use the Pay Affiliate tool

Step 1) You filter down which Referrals you’re going to pay commissions for. You have three options:

  • Referrals that are older than your store’s refund policy. Recommended
  • All Referrals.
  • Custom date range. Including presets such as This Quarter, This Month, This week, etc.

Step 2) You can either select a Manual payout, which would export the data into a spreadsheet for you. Or you can use our PayPal Bulk Payout integration.

  • If you choose to do a Manual payout and download the CSV, all of the data on an Affiliate will be included in the export. This includes any custom fields from your Custom Registration Form (e.g., bank account fields), plus a column representing the total amount to be paid to an Affiliate (“Amount”) and a column representing the currency to be paid out in (“Currency”).

Step 3) Preview and confirm the payment.


Seeing past bulk payouts

You can see a log of all your bulk payouts by clicking Solid Affiliate -> Pay Affiliates -> Past Bulk Payouts tab within your WordPress admin.

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