Affiliate tags

Add tags to affiliates for easier management and targeting.
Last updated on April 23, 2024

To create a tag, navigate to the Solid Affiliate menu in the admin dashboard. Under Affiliates > Groups/Tags, you can manage your tags.

On the Manage Tags page, use the provided form to fill out the:

  • Name of the tag
  • Description (optional)
  • Tag color, for easy visual identification

Remember, an affiliate can have multiple tags or none at all. The default user role of all affiliates is (‘Affiliate’).

Using Affiliate Tags

Affiliate tags function similarly to user roles, enabling various automation and filtering possibilities. For example, you can create segments in email marketing systems like Mailpoet. Sync your subscriber list with tagged affiliates for targeted campaigns.

Any WordPress actions that can be segmented based on a specific user role can be integrated with the Solid Affiliate tag system. This opens the door to creative and interesting workflow possibilities.

Feel free to explore and build unique flows!

A default usage: Tag Filtering in Pay Affiliate Tool

One important use case is the ability to use tags as filters in the Solid Affiliate pay affiliates tool.

For instance, if affiliates have different payout preferences (e.g., PayPal vs. store credits), customize the form accordingly and tag affiliates accordingly (e.g., PayPal affiliates tagged in blue).

Then, when initiating payments, use the filter to “Include only” affiliates with the desired tag, ensuring payments are made with the correct method.

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