Attribution – Which affiliate gets the credit?

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Last updated on October 13, 2022

Attribution – Which affiliate gets the credit?

What happens when two affiliates both send you the same visitor? What happens when a visitor clicks through one affiliate’s link but then uses another affiliate’s coupon? These are all nuanced considerations that the best affiliate programs make, and we want you to have an amazing affiliate program…Solid Affiliate will take care of all of this for you! On this page, you’ll find documentation and information explaining how this important decision is made: which affiliate gets the referral?

Quick Answer

If you’ve just set up Solid Affiliate, or you haven’t activated all of its features, then the simple answer is that Affiliate Coupons take precedence over Affiliate Links. When a user has clicked on multiple different affiliates’ links before making a purchase, then the Most Recent Affiliate Link earns the referral.



Longer Answer

If you are using additional features of Solid Affiliates, such as Lifetime Commission or Auto Referrals or Recurring Referrals the attribution logic expands to handle more potential situations. Solid Affiliate will handle all of this for you, automatically. Here is a graphic to illustrate the logic that Solid Affiliate follows when determining which affiliate should earn the referral when a purchase takes place:


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  • I know that my customer clicked on many different affiliate links, which one earns a referral?
    • The last affiliate link to be clicked – i.e. the one that is closest to the purchase being made – gets the referral.
  • Can multiple affiliates receive a referral for one order?
    • Simply put, no. Only one affiliate will receive credit for any given order. The notable and powerful exception to this is when using Solid Affiliate’s Auto Referrals functionality. In this case, two affiliates can receive a referral for one order.