How to manually add a referral

Instructions on how to add a manual referral.
Last updated on July 20, 2023

How do I manually add or assign a referral to an affiliate within Solid Affiliate?

Solid Affiliate is designed to track referrals fully automatically. It’s best to let Solid Affiliate track everything automatically, as it has strict data rules which have been meticulously designed and are enforced by the plugin for your benefit. If you find the need to create or edit a referral manually, the guide on this page will assist you.

Overview Video

We recommend watching this video recorded by our team, which walks you through how to add a referral manually and shows you a live example use case. By the end of the video, you’ll know everything you need to know.



  1. Go to Solid Affiliate > Referrals > Add New
  2. Enter the required fields (affiliate, WooCommerce order, order amount, commission amount, etc.)
  3. For both referral source and referral type, choose auto referral. This will allow you to skip putting in a proper visit or coupon id.

What about subscriptions and subscription renewals?

Subscriptions and subscription renewals are handled a bit differently because of how WooCommerce Subscriptions works. If you need to assign a subscription to an affiliate so that they automatically receive referrals for future renewals, please watch the video below.




  1. Locate the WooCommerce parent order of the subscription.
  2. Create a referral for this parent order and assign it to the appropriate affiliate.
  3. From then on, any renewals of this subscription will automatically be assigned to the affiliate and will be handled by the WooCommerce Subscriptions Integration.

Frequently Asked Questions / Trouble Shooting

Q: I’m seeing a “Cannot insert Referral with invalid visit_id and invalid coupon_id.” error message.
A: You can get around this data check by setting both the referral source and referral type to “Auto Referral”.